WOUNDS of WAZIRISTAN | a documentary film


My latest for Public Culture on the vicissitudes of travel for one drone survivor as he traveled across the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, to tell his story.

Madiha R. Tahir is an independent journalist reporting on conflict, culture and politics in Pakistan. Her work has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Al Jazeera, Vice, The National, Guernica, The New Inquiry, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Wall Street Journal, The Herald (Pakistan), The Friday Times, Caravan, as well as on Democracy Now!, PRI and BBC’s The World, Global Post and other outlets. She is the director of the short documentary Wounds of Waziristan, focusing on Pakistani survivors of drone attacks. She holds a masters degree in Near Eastern Studies from NYU and an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Tahir has traveled extensively throughout Pakistan from Balochistan to Swat as well as to rural areas to report on the floods, Sufi music, the Baloch separatist movement, the salience of nationalism and religion, Islamist organizations and national electoral politics. She is co-editor of a volume, Dispatches from Pakistan with historian Vijay Prashad and editor Qalandar Bux Memon and a founding editor of Tanqeed, a magazine of politics and culture.

Wounds of Waziristan website: www.woundsofwaziristan.com

email: t.madiha@gmail.com | twitter: @Madi_Hatter