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Wounds of Waziristan Trailer from AJ Russo on Vimeo.

I’m sharing a trailer for my short documentary project, Wounds of Waziristan, on drone attacks in Pakistan. You can find it on Indiegogo here. As some of you may know, this is the result of a lot of work and trips to Pakistan. Rather than focusing on the numbers game or questions of international law, this project tries to record the voices of those directly impacted by the American “war on terror.” In particular, –and perhaps, this is my academic side coming out– I am interested in the question of haunting. President Obama said he was “haunted” by the loss of life. But, what does that mean, materially, in concrete terms?

Since the drone attacks began in Pakistan in 2004, much of the focus has been on the technology. And, although the borderlands between Pakistan and Afghanistan are endlessly debated and declared upon by journalists and pundits, the ordinary people who actually live there are rarely heard from. WOUNDS records the voices of those who have been either labeled “militants,” or summarily dismissed as “collateral damage.”

We’re actually almost done, but we need some help getting to the finish line. Every dollar helps: consider donating just $5 to this project. And, even if you can’t donate, please take a look and share it far and wide:


I AM NOT A TERRORIST (also see posts on my blog.)

You can find my appear on All In with Chris Hayes here.

Louder than Bombs | Madiha R. Tahir | The New Inquiry | July 16, 2012

What is the dream?

I dream that my legs have been cut off, that my eye is missing, that I can’t do anything … Sometimes, I dream that the drone is going to attack, and I’m scared. I’m really scared.

Read on here.

Professor of geography Derek Gregory, author of The Colonial Present  reviews my essay and provides additional insights here.

RADIO: Questions about the Effectiveness of Drone Strikes in Pakistan | PRI’s “America Abroad” | July 15, 2011

Upcoming: a longform piece on drones in Pakistan. In the meantime:

My interviews and conversations on drones:

Brian Lehrer TV | December 05, 2012


Infinite Jestice |  | The New Inquiry | October 24, 2012

@Southsouth compares how White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs justifies the killing of 16-year-old American citizen, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki with my exchange with Georgetown Professor Christine Fair who has termed Osama bin Laden’s toddler “terror spawn.”

The Rise of Drones: Expanding US Policy of Drones Abroad and Domestically | Radio Intifada | June 27, 2012

My interview with Radio Intifada on the arguments for and against drone use.

How the West was Droned: The Curious Rise of General Atomics (Part III) | Michael Arria | Motherboard

Arria discusses my argument about the limitations of legal discourse on drones.

Al Jazeera’s The Stream | April 2012

My exchange with Georgetown Professor Christine Fair begins at 15:19.


It Doesn’t if CIA or Military Control Drone Program | Kevin Gosztola | Firedoglake

A short piece and video where I discuss the limits of legal solutions to drones.


Killer Drones: The Human Cost | Asia Pacifica Forum -WBAI Radio | Spring 2010

My interview with APF on the human costs of the drone invasion in Pakistan.


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