Wounds of Waziristan

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A documentary project

Wounds of Waziristan highlights the stories of those directly impacted by drone attacks in Pakistan–in their own words

During his speech on May 23rd this year, President Obama claimed that he was “haunted” by the lost of civilian life from drone attacks. What does it mean to be haunted? WOUNDS  records the voices of those directly impacted by the bombing to explore this question.

Since the drone attacks began in Pakistan in 2004, much of the focus has been on the technology. And, although the borderlands between Pakistan and Afghanistan are endlessly debated and declared upon by journalists and pundits, the ordinary people who actually live there are rarely heard from. WOUNDS records the voices of those who have been either labeled “militants,” or summarily dismissed as “collateral damage.”

 You can find it on Indiegogo hereWe’re actually almost done, but we need some help getting to the finish line. Every dollar helps: consider donating just $5 to this project. And, even if you can’t donate, please take a look and share it far and wide:


  1. rebel

    Thank u soo much …we really proud on u …..but one thing even our most professors and student of international relation in Pakistan didn’t know your work ..shame on these people you have done a great job ..


  2. Lillian Velez

    Can you tell me when this film will be available on DVD? We have a professor who would like a copy. Thanks so much


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